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Monday, February 9, 2015


Back in September, I made the announcement on my Facebook page that I was coming out with two new short projects, one of which was my artistic short, THE WINDMILL - which was released back in October - and the other is an experimental film. You've seen THE WINDMILL, so now, here is an introductory post for my upcoming experimental film, which is entitled TECHNICOLOR DREAMS. I would also like to say that I didn't steal the title from the BeeGees' album with the same name, this is entirely coincidental.

All things considered, TECHNICOLOR DREAMS isn't an experimental film in a literal sense: I'm not experimenting with filmmaking, I'm not playing around with new and/or unfamiliar technology, nor am I playing with any kind of stylisitic editing (well, okay, actually, I am, somewhat)... in fact, this is an experimental film in the sense that this is a departure from my more traditional work in the past, such as Steve D'Monster's YouTube series. TECHNICOLOR DREAMS really does not fall into any specific genre: it's not really a comedy, it's not really a drama, it's not really a documentary, it's not really any of that, it's just a short with a story: a story that has a beginning, a middle with a situation, and an ending with a resolution.

Are you confused yet? You might be. You may be asking what, exactly, is TECHNICOLOR DREAMS about? I don't want to give away too many spoilers before it's released, but I will clarify some things up to make it a little less confusing when you do see it: this is a rare project that takes a look into my mind, from the fact that I regularly have unusual, trippy, and borderline disturbing dreams, and yet, every once in a while, it's from those kinds of dreams that a lot of my best ideas come from. In a sense, this is about my creative process.

Conceptual artwork
This film is really something I am doing on a creative whim: I honestly felt compelled to do this film, so I've been working on it for the past several months; the script has gone through a couple of drafts, puppets and props have been built, and now that other pre-production tasks have been completed, the camera is ready to roll. This is totally a personal piece.

If you're interested in seeing this, make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, and keep your eyes peeled for its February 22 release date.

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