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Friday, July 21, 2017

My Final Thoughts on Steve Whitmire

Could it be? The first time in the history of since I started this Scarblog, I actually finish my thoughts?

At any rate, I'm sure you have read my previous post about Steve Whitmire's termination with Disney/Muppets Studio . . . much more has come forward since then, and while it looks like the situation has pretty much plateaued at this point, here are my final thoughts:

Disney/Muppets Studios, Cheryl Henson, Lisa Henson, Brian Henson, and Rick Lyon have all come forward with the same, or very similar stories regarding Steve Whitmire and his business conduct over the years, and through it all, Steve has defended himself in the wake of each new accusation. As this progresses, it's honestly becoming harder and harder for me to sympathize with Steve. I'm not saying that I think he got what he deserved, or that he shouldn't have fought for the integrity of the Muppets - I actually agree with him on several different points, as you have read in my previous post - but with multiple people coming forward and saying the same thing, there has to be some truth to it, which makes me wonder if perhaps Steve isn't being entirely honest himself.

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