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Saturday, January 31, 2015

You Never Know What You'll Find on eBay

Let's face it, eBay is a fascinating website (at least, it used to be, before it became Paypal exclusive): whatever you may be looking for in the way of forgotten old treasures, eBay was the place to look for them, and at the same time, you never really knew what you might have turned up when browsing through the site.
Every once in a while, however, there will be some kind of joker who tries to sell off really odd and unusual items on eBay, such as a piece of toast with Jesus' face on it, or a teenaged girl selling her virginity...
But this really is something you have to see to believe: some joker on eBay is selling what he claims to be actual Muppet puppets that were used by Jim Hanson [sic] and Fronk [sic] Oz on SESAME STREET, and that they were given to him by the former vice president of PBS... so, are they for real? I don't know, you tell me...
Oh, well, this right here must prove that these things are legit!
What do I think of these?
My only guess is that puppet builder, Don Sahlin, was in a hurry and in a bad mood that day.

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