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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Okay, This Time, I Really AM Offended!

Some of you may or may not be able to remember that sometime back, I posted an entry pretending to be offended by a McDonald's commercial containing the line, "I hate puppets!" to illustrate how ridiculously, "Politically correct" and uber-sensitive people today have become (it appears McDonald's has since made the commercial on YouTube private... which wasn't my doing, by the way). You may also remember I also recently posted an entry about the use of puppetry in media seems to be on the verge of becoming a tired and overused gimmick. Neither of these entries, however, even began to prepare me for what I witnessed today, which really leads me to believe there is no longer any hope for humanity... or, at the very least, the internet...

Oh... my... cow... are you serious? Are you serious?! Google actually thinks they're, somehow, being cute and clever by using puppets in an instructional video on YouTube about copyright? Where do I even begin? I feel like Nostalgia Critic tearing apart a really bad movie! First of all... well, how much more clear can I make it? Google is the Hitler of the internet! No question about it! I can't believe it wasn't until the whole Google+ sync up that people finally started to realize that! Secondly, YouTube's rules about copyright are as sketchy as Google's business practices: there's all kinds of copyright trolls on YouTube, and in some cases, there's been companies who have had videos removed on the grounds of copyright infringement over content they didn't even own! Lionsgate was one of the worst offenders of this: there was a point in time they were removing a bunch of Jim Henson material from YouTube, simply because they had the distributing rights (but not the actual copyright)... not to mention various different little third-party companies that nobody's even heard of will remove videos for similar reasons (even if their distribution of certain material was decades ago and they've long lost the licenses). Some cases even of third-party companies, who aren't even affililated with the actual copyright holders, but try to pretend that they are, they will have videos removed too. And lastly... again... Google has struck a new sour note with me now for trying to seem like they're relevent, yet cute and creative by throwing together a video about copyright using puppets. The Nazis might as well have made propaganda films using puppets to teach people the ways of the Third Reich. I'm half tempted to be like these third-party companies, and claim this video violates my copyright which I don't actually own, simply to have this video removed!

If it wasn't for the fact that YouTube has become a necessary evil, I'd boycott Google altogether... well, actually, I would have done that a long time ago, but still.

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