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Monday, September 23, 2013

This Commercial is un-P.C.! I'm Offended!

How dare McDonald's release this commercial, just listen to the player at the 10-second mark:

"I hate puppets"? D00d! What's THAT supposed to mean? What you got against puppets, yo? And McDonald's! There you go again, making such un-P.C. commercials with offensive comments! You guys need to be put out of business! As of right now, I am officially boycotting McDonald's, I will no longer buy any of their food, nor step foot into any of their locations, and I hope this commercial will be pulled from the air because it's so un-P.C. and offensive!

Shame on you McDonald's! Shame on you! You have blood on your hands!

Please note: I am not offended whatsoever by this commercial, nor the player's comment about puppets; the purpose of this writing is to illustrate how ridiculously overly sensitive people are today, and taking offense to something that was intended to be humorous and not offensive in the first place. Somebody hand me a McDouble, hold the ketchup.

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