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Friday, October 4, 2013


Whatever you're doing tonight - delivering a baby, attending a huge meeting, solving world hunger - drop it, because you don't want to miss PUPPET POWER!

PUPPET POWER, as I mentioned earlier in the year, is inspired by KABLAM!, the "new kind of cartoon show", where different shorts in varying styles of animation (hand-drawn, claymation, stop-motion, cut-out, Chuckimation) were featured in one show. PUPPET POWER takes the concept, and puts it to work for puppets, because puppetry comes in various different styles as well.

The special features four different segments: Zook and Max, an alien and a meanie who have all sorts of wacky and odd adventures; Harmony Hound, a grande dame of a showdog whose performances are a throwback to the 1920s; Casey the Muppet, who is such a big Muppet fan that he's actually a Muppet himself; and SCRAPSTV, a puppet troupe consisting of Freddy J. Frog, Kodiac the Bear, and all kinds of different funny characters. All segments and characters are introduced by Steve D'Monster, who serves as host for the show.

To learn more about some of these segments, and their characters, check out some of these links:
Zook and Max (Created by Tim Kelly)
Casey the Muppet (Created by Casey Daron)
SCRAPSTV (Created by Julio Robles)

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