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Monday, October 28, 2013

From the Rejected Character File: Timmy Tree Frog

And now, we'll be taking a look at a few of the characters who had been conceived, designed, or planned over the years, but ultimately never made the cut to be a part of The Joseph Scarbrough Universe, for whatever reasons those may be.
Today's spotlight shines on Timmy Tree Frog. Timmy was the second (or possibly third, I can't remember) puppet character I ever thought of; this alliteratively named little frog was conceived to be a combination of both a pet, and something of a conscience for Steve D'Monster, providing Steve with both animal companionship, but also trying to talk him out of whatever crazy idea or zany scheme Steve comes up with that could very well end in disasterous results.

I also kind of liked the idea of having a frog puppet that actually somewhat resembled a frog. And as you can see from his concept art, this was back during my period when I obviously tried too hard to be just like the Muppets.

So, why, exactly, was the idea of Timmy scrapped? Well... see IT'S A BIG BIG WORLD for explanation.

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