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Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas: Scarbrough Style

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the world,
Not a creature was stirring, not even three squirrels.
There was no chimney, so the stockings were hung on the wall,
And the tree was decorated with bright lights and round balls.
But lurking near the tree, the one who wouldn't leave,
Was a small monster by the name of Steve.
"I can't wait to see Santa; I hope he comes soon,
I've been waiting to meet him since this afternoon!"
At that moment, there came a strange growl,
Steve's tummy was empty from his little night prowl.
The thumbprint cookies were the only thing in sight,
But Steve was then met with a plight.
Santa's understanding, no need for a quibble,
Surely he wouldn't mind if Steve had one nibble.
The cookies were good, they were so yummy,
Steve wanted to put more in his tummy.
He ate some more cookies, his mouth full of fun,
He paused to say, "When it comes to thumbprint cookies, you can't eat just one!"
As the night grew on, and Steve's eyes grew weak,
He took to the couch, hoping to still sneak a peek.
Later still, as Steve fell into a doze,
By the tree, St. Nick appeared, with his finger aside of his nose.
The jovial fellow reached down for a sweet,
Only to find Steve had already eaten his treat.
Santa knew Steve was a good kid, and didn't mean to be messin',
But he also knew he needed a lesson.
Santa filled the stockings, to fulfill each Christmas wish,
In Steve's stocking he left a fresh Christmas... fish.
Just as he came in, the way he did so,
Santa left, with a merry, "Ho-ho-hoooo!"
Darkness turned to light, no alarm or warning,
Steve lifted his head and realized, "It's Christmas morning!"
He raced to his stocking to see what Santa did bring,
Only to find this fishy something.
Steve took one look, and pondered, "How could this be?
I wonder if it's because I ate Santa's cookies."
Merry Christmas to all, enjoy your hoopla,
As for Steve... "Maybe next year I should celebrate Hanukkah."

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