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Monday, March 29, 2010

The New Squirrely Squirrels

As I've mentioned before, I said I wasn't 100% satisfied with the results of the designs for The Squirrely Squirrels, and that they would more than likely evolve over time if I managed to come up with designs that I like better.

Well, it looks as if that may happen sooner than later, as I think I may have finally come up with their look...

Although something I was wanting to avoid from the start, I really think these designs capture a "don't let their cuteness fool you", which seems to work well, considering so many people think they're cute as it is... but I guess when it's not everyday that you see such puppets in real life, people would think even the ugliest of puppets would look cute (like maybe Bob the Puppet from Tom Bergeron's old show Breakfast Time).

Even though I like these new designs better, the already completed puppets will see use for Steve D'Monster & Friends since I already spent the money for the fabric and materials, as well as their wardrobe; besides, I'd much rather wait and save the new Squirrels for an actual puppet builder on staff who would know how to tackle them.

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