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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Various Updates **IMAGE INTENSIVE**

It's been a while since I've been able to post any updates happening, because quite frankly, the entire process took a lot longer than I had anticipated.

But at any rate, it was slow going, but the new puppets are finally completed!

The reason it took Bethany so long to complete, again, was because finances tied up in other things prevented me from ordering the fabric for her fur for quite a while - that I was finally able to order earlier this month. Next, I ran out of purple yarn to finish her hair, so that I was obtain some more of. The camera didn't pick up the color very well, but her nose is pink.

Now the reason The Squirrely Squirrels have no tails at the moment, is because I CANNOT find any suitable fabric for their tales - I purchased some white hair fabric and attempted to dye it, but instead of coming out charcoal gray, it came out a bright silver color, so they'll just have to remain tailess for the time being. Their wardrobe was made possible by the talent of seamstress and doll clother Anjanette Hile.

And Steve D'Monster and Friends IS set in stone, I'm not sure at the moment when production will begin, but it WILL happen; unlike most of my writing however, this show will not be a sitcom (I honestly can't see these characters in a sitcom-esque atmosphere), but rather a comedy anthology (vignettes).

In conclusion... these puppets are exactly perfect, but they'll do for now... I can't consider them "mockups" (test puppets, if you will), but I can't consider them pro either; again, they'll do until an actual staff with a professional puppet builder is brought together.

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