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Sunday, February 26, 2017


February 22, 2015 saw the release of my most personal project to date: an experimental film that conveys how sometimes in the midst of unpleasant mental imagery, some of my most significant and better ideas are born. In a sense, TECHNICOLOR DREAMS is an alegory of one of my creative processes, in which many of my ideas come to me from strange, lucid, trippy dreams that seem to invade my sleep on a nightly basis.

So, what's this redux all about then? Well, as it turns out, the initial 2015 release of TECHNICOLOR DREAMS was met with mostly mixed reviews, and a common complaint that it received from viewers was that it felt too long, dragged out, and redundant (I've been told a former show-business professional even looked at it and didn't like it). I suppose even a personal, pet project has to be done in such a way that pleases everybody else.

With that said, I've been working on a recut of TECHNICOLOR DREAMS: shortening it and cutting out a lot of the so-called long, dragged out, and redudant moments that were apparently bogging down the special; the end results being a redux of the original special - what was once eighteen minutes has now been condensed down to thirteen. Hopefully, people might find that this is an improvement:

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