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Friday, July 1, 2016

Single Camera Sitcoms: Then & Now

Here's a new short that I produced on a whim -- which is funny, because I seem to be having quite a number of whims as of late (perhaps the other common way ideas come to me, aside from my freaky-deaky, acid-trippy dreams); but I'm really pleased with the results of this particular whim.
If you listened to one of my previous commentary videos, I made mention that I really prefer to work in the single-camera filming method - particularly the single-camera format of sitcoms of years past, where the results were usually like little mini-movies with laugh tracks, as opposed to today's single-camera sitcoms that utilize the droll mockumentary format. In this short, Steve gets himself into a situation, that's presented in both single camera styles: the first version as an older single-camera sitcom that dominated the airwaves during the late 50s to early 70s; the second version as a modern, mockumentary-style sitcom as you might see on TV today. Whether the first or second version is superior over another is entirely up to you.
So, enjoy Steve raiding the freezer on a hot day for a gallon of ice cream, in two different versions, and see which you like better.

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