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Friday, April 29, 2016

Birthday Tribute to Marie Kerns

Happy Birthday, Marie Kerns!
Today is my good friend Marie Kerns's birthday, and in honor of the occasion, I really wanted to take a moment and act like I'm pretending to be her publicist or something, because I really think she deserves to have a little extra spotlight shed on her and her continued efforts to bring her art and creativity to the world.
There's a number of words that could be used to describe who Marie is, but I believe the best word that could be used is "dedicated," because dedication is perhaps the most prominent quality about her - so much so that I really admire her for it.
Upon graduating her digital animation course
I've known Marie for a number of years, and in all the years I've known her, she has consistently remained hard at work in her artistic endeavors; as multi-talented as she is, digital animation is certainly her calling card. I can still remember way back when, when she had graduated from a digital animation course in her native Vancouver (so being Canadian makes her even more awesome). In the years that followed, and up until today, she has been working almost non-stop on creating an animated fantasy series entitled TALES OF MYTHERWREL, and sharing that series with the rest of the world . . . and when I say non-stop, I mean that: I've seen the evolution of the production of this series, from the initial character designs and conceptual artwork, to pieces of test animation in various stages of rendering, to even seeing other talented people who are involved in the project as well. Marie has also certainly been putting herself out there too, attending conventions and other gatherings, to spread her work to the public, and stir up interest and support in further making MYTHERWREL a reality. And did I mention she's been working on this labo(u)r of love for years? That is dedication. And as I said, I really admire her dedication.
Marie collaborated with me on VAMPIRE GIRL
As I also mentioned, Marie is an incredibly multi-talented artist; in addition to being an animator and character designer, she's also experienced in both traditional and digital art, 3D modeling, writing/storytelling, and she can even make crafts, such as dreamcatchers and smudging feathers. She's also a nice collaborator as well - she helped with the creation of VAMPIRE GIRL in terms of character (she essentially developed Laura, Levana's nursing assistant friend) and story input.
But you know, I could go on and on babbling about Marie's creativity, but you really have to see it for yourself to get an idea of just what an amazing artist she really is, so here's some links you can follow to take a look at what she has accomplished over the years, including:
 Her demo reel:
And, of course, these other links you should check out:
Once again, happy birthday, Marie! Thank you for your creativity, friendship, and of course, dedication!

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