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Sunday, February 2, 2014

'P' is for Puppet

I happened onto this rather interesting little article/interview with Cheryl Henson, about some of the stigmas that seem to be placed on puppeteers about their work,  some of the same kind of "stock" responses they get from people when they're told what they do, and even why some don't even like the term, "Puppeteer" (in fact, in reading Jim Henson: The Biography, I learned Henson himself disliked the term, "Muppeteer", and prefered to refer to himself, and his colleagues, as "Muppet Performers").
You can read it for yourself, but I have to be honest, I've actually been on the receiving end of some of these stigmas myself, such as... why is AVENUE Q the go-to puppetry reference people seem to keep dropping? And, in my own, honest, humble opinion, for a puppeteer to do children's birthday parties is pretty much the puppetry equivilant of working in fast food if you're trying to climb the corporate ladder.

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