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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Muppets at the Smithsonian

If you ask me, this is something that's been long overdue, but to coincide with what would have been Jim Henson's 77th birthday yesterday, as well as the release of the whoppin' new 600-page biography book, over twenty Muppet characters from SESAME STREET, THE MUPPET SHOW, and FRAGGLE ROCK have been donated by the Jim Henson Company to the Smithsonian (where the original SAM AND FRIENDS Muppets already reside).

If I ever had reasons for wanting to visit the Smithsonian, this is definitely the one, I would love to be able to see these first hand sometime, they all look to be in pretty good shape considering their age, despite some obvious wear and tear. You know what's really scary? I can almost pretty much pinpoint about what time period some of these came from (Ernie, Bert, and Elmo are definitely from the 1980s).

Miss Piggy in all her radient glory!
Two of my favorite monsters!
Ernie wouldn't go live at the Smithsonian without Rubber Ducky
Ol' buddy Bert!
It's time to play the music/it's time to light the lights/it's time to meet the Muppets on THE MUPPET SHOW tonight!
Fran Brill with Prairie Dawn!
Thank you Cheryl Henson for donating these to the Smithsonian!
Wish I was as close as this guy got! Wonder if he took that photo of Bert above?

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