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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

May the Best Monster Win

Election day is finally here, and if you haven't already voted yet, just remember as you head off to the polls, if you can't decide between either of the two main candidates, there's always the third alternative: Steve D'Monster.

Of course, we do acknowledge that as of last week, another furry little monster has decided he wants to be the first monster president as well: namely, Elmo, the precious, red, three-year-old monster from Sesame Street, currently starring in Elmo: The Musical. We here at the Joseph Scarbrough Universe don't like to play those same, old, tired political cards, which is why we wouldn't think of slandering the opponents with any kind of negative and/or hateful propaganda to persuade you otherwise, it all comes down to the matter of who you feel is the best man... err, monster... for the job; however, because of the position of our campaign camp, we pretty much have to say, if there is one monster you would vote for, make that monster Steve D'Monster. And remember, Steve doesn't want to kill PBS, because his roots were planted at PBS.

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