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Friday, September 7, 2012

Steve D'Monster for 2012

The 2012 elections are fast approaching, which means, it will almost be time for you vote for who you think should be our next president, but are you having trouble making such an important decision? Are you torn between where our candidates stand on various different issues, mainly because they spend more time bashing their opponents as opposed to actually telling you what they stand for? Can you not decide who seems to be the better choice to earn your vote, because they try to convince you to not vote for the other person? Do you need a second, third, or even a fourth opinion from someone else? Then look no further! As of today, Steve D'Monster has announced his run for presidency, and he is certainly counting on you to show your support by casting your vote for him on the ballots and at the voting booths.

Of course, we know you need assurance that a candidate is capable of handling the job of taking charge of an entire country, plus foreign affairs, which is exactly why Steve took the liberty of launching his campaign advertising:

So help make a little monster's dream come true, and vote Steve D'Monster for 2012 today! Or whenever it is you'll be heading off to vote.

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