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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Downsides to the Art of Puppetry

You know, as much as I love the art of puppetry, the whole thing sadly isn't all beer and skittles, like everything else, there are cons and downsides to it... number one with me is fabric shopping. One thing that annoys me is whenever you're looking for something specific, almost everybody automatically points you to Jo-Ann's... well, I will admit, I have been able to get some great fabric from Jo-Ann's before, but it's the simple fabrics that I can get there: fleece, felt, foam, etc... when it comes to the specialty fabrics on the other, like mostly fur and such, that's much more difficult. Places like Jo-Ann's only have furs suitable for making teddy bears and such, but where do you go to find shaggy monster fur and such? Like years ago when I first built Steve, I had to buy a fifteen dollar throw pillow for the fur I needed for him (and I was able to recycle the stuffing as well, so that was a benefit), but in recent years, I have discovered fabric.com, like a couple of years ago for example, I was able to order the fur I needed for Bethany, however, the fur I could use for The Squirrely Squirrels' tails would either keep running out before I could order it, or I would end up playing phone tag with them... nevertheless, in nearly two years, I finally managed to get the right fabric I need for The Squirrely Squirrels' tails.

Yeah, fabric shopping isn't a picnic... it's one of those cons that comes with puppetry, but oh well, cons are just things you have to deal with.

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