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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Decision 21 Years in the Making

Okay, another "off-topic" post, but since this is Sesame Street, which is Muppet-related, and we all know the Muppets have always served me since I was growing up, this is still a somewhat relevant post.

Anyway, it's been twenty-one years, but I do believe that I have finally narrowed down my selection of favorite Sesame moments; although I do have a LOT of favorite moments (as do most), there comes a time when you're asked if you can narrow it down to just one... well, after thinking about it (in more ways than one, actually), I believe I've finally found my all-time greatest, favorite Sesame moment of all time, and it's, not surprisingly, also one of my FIRST Sesame moments as well.

On a related note as well, it took twenty-one years, but I can finally pronounce ABC-DEF-GHI-JKL-MNOP-QR-STUV-WXYZ with confidence, lol.

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  1. Hey Snowth.

    It's me Marty. I still don't know anything about how these blogs work but I thought the simplest thing for now would be to try posting "anonymously".

    Anyway I love that Ernie and Bert video too. Such a beautiful song. And how can you not give a little chuckle at the moment when Ernie says "Middle-sized balloons"? :D