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Joseph Scarbrough launched what he called "The Scarblog" as a way of cataloging his work over the years, as well as going into greater detail of things on his mind (known as "Unfinished Thoughts").

Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to the New Site

Somehow, I think this is a wiser move to make... but then again, a lot of the time when I think, you have to watch out. O.O

So, anyway, as stated before, from now on, if you would like to check for updates regarding what's going on with Steve D'Monster, his cohorts, or whatever else I may have in the works for all to see, you may now read up about them at http://josephscarbrough.blogspot.com/

Thanks for caring!


STEVE: Y'know, I was getting pretty tired of moving from spot to spot... but then I got to thinkin'... the more spots I cover, the more everyone will follow... and I just love it when everyone follows me. 'Specially the chicks! Heh-heh!


BETHANY: Hello everyone! Thank you for bearing with us during this transition, we hope you like our new virtual home - although, don't forget, you can still watch more of The Joseph Scarbrough Universe on YouTube, at http://www.youtube.com/JosephScarbrough


JENNIFER: Say, who's up for trollin' dah internetz?
JULIE: Ooh! Me! Me! Pick me, pick me!
JUSTINE: We ought to try sock puppets too.

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  1. Joseph & Steve,

    Like the new site and ideas! Remember, Santa's watching!!