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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction? **UPDATE**

I suppose Kev (Magpoc) and anyone else who actually reads this stuff is well aware by now of the arrival of new characters, in this case, The Squirrely Squirrels, however, I'm already receiving quite a bit of scrutiny and interference as far as the Squirrels' wardrobe is concerned, which is why I'm coming to you guys for a second, third, maybe even a fourth opinion... any opinions I can get I would appreciate.

Okay, now here's the issue that has risen - as you can see, Julie's signature outfit consists of a red shirt with a small black club on it, with a red and black plaid skirt, while Justine dones a black-and-white striped t-shirt, and a black skirt. Meanwhile, Jennifer wears only a long, black dress.

The interference I'm getting is this - with Julie and Justine's wardrobe (and their highlighted hair), it's felt that Jennifer is far too "drab" and appears "washed out" compared to her sisters. My argument is that Jennifer's appearance is SUPPOSED to be simpler than that of her sisters, but it is insisted that Jennifer go through wardrobe alterations to add a "splash of color" to her outfit (red is the requested color); unfortunately, the ideas and suggestions that have been forwarded to me are a bit of the girly/cutesy-wootsy side, and as you've read previously, The Squirrely Squirrels are NOT intended to be girly, nor cutesy-wootsy, they are rebellious, and... well... squirrely, in a comedic sense!

Since the insistance has been persistent, I finally came up with something to add to Jennifer's wardrobe that would add the "splash of color" that's supposedly needed, while at the same time, wouldn't look too cute or girly... namely a design that resembles the red marking on the black widow spider. Well, guess what? The idea is being dismissed, because apparently, a girly/cute design is being prefered.

So here's the current stance - either the "splash of color" that's being requested is the red marking of a black widow, or her wardrobe remains a solid black dress as I had originally intended.

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think should be done about Jennifer's wardrobe.

~ Joseph

Update December 17, 2009
It's been a little while, but I'm happy to say it looks as if a long black shirt with a red hourglass like a black widow spider WILL indeed be Jennifer's signature outfit; even if all parties aren't exactly happy, at least it's a definite agreement now.

Again, photos will be provided when the puppets are finished.

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