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Joseph Scarbrough launched what he called "The Scarblog" as a way of cataloging his work over the years, as well as going into greater detail of things on his mind (known as "Unfinished Thoughts").


Below is a list of links to other sites of similar interests pertaining to the art of puppetry, though the works of other outstanding puppeteers: professional and amateurs, long-timers and new-comers, old-school and new-school.

  • Henson.Com - The official website for Jim Henson and the Muppets.

  • SesameStreet.Org - The official website for Sesame Street.

  • Muppet Central - Extensive fansite dedicated to the Muppets.

  • Tough Pigs - Another premier Muppet fansite.

  • The Muppet Mindset - A blog aimed to deliver the latest in Muppet news.

  • www.sidandmartykrofft.com - The new official website for The World of Sid and Marty Krofft.

  • Sid & Marty on MySpace - The official MySpace profile for Sid & Marty Krofft.

  • KROFFT.NET - For the latest Krofft news.

  • Muley the Mule dot com - The official website for puppeteer Kevin L. Williams, and his signature character, Muley the Mule.

  • The Colbynfriends Blog - Blog for the Colbynfriends characters, created by Jordan Sibayan.

  • Brainstorm Studios - Official website for the works of John Papovitch.

  • The Rebusquest Website - Website for new old-school Saturday Morning-inspired webcomics written and drawn by Cullen Pittman.

  • By Ken Levine - The anecdotes of prolific comedy writer Ken Levine.