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Saturday, May 6, 2017

What the Hell, FCC?

This isn't my first time writing about the FCC, and in fact, this isn't my second time either, but what absolutely floors me is that for an organization that seemingly doesn't do its job, it sure was quick to jump on something a lot less severe than most of what's seen on television today.

When I last wrote about the FCC, it was regarding the excessive use of inappropriate, raunchy, and vulgar content that's seen on television in this day and age, where reckless, selfish, and irresponsible sexual behavior is somehow the main focus point of any TV series today - isn't it the FCC's job to monitor and control this kind of content? Evidently now, considering when I contacted them about this inquiry, they just simply denied responsibility and said that had no control over what we see, that it's up to individual networks to decide what to broadcast.

If that's the case, then why do we even have the FCC if it doesn't do anything? Well, apparently, it does whenever Donald Trump is involved:
So the entire Republican party and Donald Trump are upset about Stephen Colbert's opening monologue from his show (more specifically toward the end, where he uses some colorful language), and so now, the FCC is actually investigating Colbert as a result. You know what's ironic? The last time I wrote about the FCC, I actually used a graphic of Colbert doing a head-desk:

So, let me get this straight: the Federal Communications Commission's job is to monitor and control the content we see and hear on television . . . and apparently, when it comes to excessive sexual content, that's none of their concern . . . but when somebody says something about Donald Trump, suddenly they snap to attention and launch a full-blown investigation? What in the name of all that is holy. . . .?

All kidding aside, if this isn't evidence that America is turning into a dictatorship, I don't know what is. For eight years, Obama dealt with this kind of criticism heaped on him all the time by the exact same people who are crying over Colbert's monologue, but you know what? Obama would simply brush it all off, because he happened to possess charactertistics that Trump never did and never will: maturity, integrity, class, thick skin, and the ability to take the high road like a bigger man. Trump on the other hand? He flocks to Twitter and cries like a little man baby and declares you public enemy number one if you say anything that hurts his delicate feelings. And heck, if it was Obama that Colbert was joking about in this monologue, I guarantee you there'd be no FCC investigation, and instead of backlash, the public would be praising him for telling it like it is (which is essentially what he's doing, except that it's Trump, so that means he did a bad thing).

If nothing else, Trump does this exact same thing to people all the time - and this was long before he even started running for Office - so, in a sense, Colbert's kind of giving him a taste of his own medicine, but this just proves that while Trump can dish it out, he sure can't take it himself.

The only way that can best sum this all up are the pearls of wisdom from Nostalgia Critic:

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