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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Good-bye

This is an official announcement, not an early April Fool's prank, but the real McCoy: I'm quitting. I'm giving up.

There's just nothing I can do. YouTube has done everything they can to continually kick the dog and keep the little people down . . . and I can't continue to try to fight a losing battle. It's gotten to a point now where even if you try to gain more exposure for yourself, YouTube will actually punish you for it! Just recently, I discovered a way to work around something that YouTube had done to continue to stunt the growth of smaller channels: in 2013, YouTube retired tags for small channels only (I know this for certain, because larger channels are completely unaffected by this, and continue to praise the use of tags), and as such, regardless of what specific tags you put on your uploads, they won't be picked up by the search algorithms; I can attest to this, because over time, I see more and more of my videos disappearing from search results altogether, despite what tags I've used. I discovered a way to work around this by adding tags to the description instead, and the results were phenomenal: my videos were showing up in search results again, and I know other people have tried it and gotten positive results for themselves as well.

Unfortunately, YouTube has caught onto this as well, and has decided to punish channels for doing this! They've recently updated their terms of service and community policies to including this as a no-no:
Ironically, they don't seem to be so strict with misleading or racy thumbnails

That's right: YouTube now considers this an act of spam and trying to "game" or "trick" the search algorithm to gain more views, and will actually terminate your channel for doing this!

This is just further proof that YouTube actually goes out of its way and goes to any lengths to oppress and stunt the growth of smaller channels any way it can. It seems like there should be some sort of a policy against this, but there isn't, it's just YouTube being YouTube (or, more apropos - ThemTube).

I just can't do this anymore. I've been producing content on YouTube since the tail-end of 2007, and that was back when YouTube really was YouTube, it served the exact purpose it was created for: offer a virtual platform for creators, producers, filmmakers, and other people to share their original work with the rest of the world in an easy way. Unfortunately, a majority of people used it to upload clips from already-existing TV shows, specials, movies, and as such, we pretty much abused YouTube for what it was. With that, the original creators of YouTube sold the site to Google to better maintain the control of copyrighted material being uploaded to the site . . . and since then, Google has continued to exploit YouTube for their own benefit, and the little people have suffered as a result. At the time, it seemed like YouTube was showing signs of the beginning of the end in 2009, but looking back, it's clear that 2013 was when it really took a turn for the worse: since then, they've made accessing our subscriptions as needlessly difficult as possible, they've retired tags for smaller channels (as mentioned above), they only count views from people who actually watch a video from beginning to end, and basically do everything they can to sweep smaller channels under the rug to posture bigger channels. Because of this, any kind of feedback I receive for my work and my art has taken a serious nosedive, and is now almost non-existent. Sure, in an ideal world, we all could just continue to indulge and immerse ourselves in our artistic endeavors just for the pleasure and joy of it . . . but art is also meant to be seen by other people, and it's their feedback that let's you know whether your did a good job or not. When your art is continually being hidden by higher-ups at a company that's larger than any of us, that's not only insulting to the artists, producers, filmmakers, animators, singers, and other YouTubers, but it basically makes your attempts at sharing your creativity with the rest of the world all for nought.

Yes, there are alternatives to YouTube out there, but they all have their own flaws that it's not even worth the trouble and hassle of migrating to them: Dailymotion is aware many people have migrated to them from YouTube, and have become just as bad about deleting and removing content; Veoh and Vimeo both have certain limitations in place, such as file-size and/or time limits - things YouTube has long done away with.

And this really blows, because I've improved so much since my "hey day" in the time period of 2007 through 2009: since then, I've upgraded from shooting on videotape and having limited ways of editing, to shooting full HD digital video and non-linear editing with Adobe Premiere: my work looks, sounds, and feels so much better than what how it used to back then, but unfortunately, not a lot of people know because they aren't aware of any of this, thanks to how YouTube has stunted my growth as a small channel. I just can't continue to deal with this, and I don't want to. It's especially sad knowing that there are some people out there who actually expected me to make something out of myself in this field of work, but when you lack resources, and now pretty much a platform or outlet to put your work out there, what else can be done? I really hate to disappoint people like this, because I do have more stories I want to tell, and more characters I want to bring to life, but when there's nothing I can do, there's nothing I can do.

As you may have seen on Facebook and/or Twitter, I recently announced that MORON LEAGUE 4 is happening: don't worry, it still is, it's pretty much in pre-production right now. That will be my swan song. I plan to release it closer to whenever the actual SPACE JAM sequel is released (still no release date confirmed, but some sources are saying 2019). I'll continue to post updates on Facebook and Twitter (and maybe more detailed information here on Scarblog), but once it's released, that'll be it from me.

For all of you who have been faithfully following the insane antics of Steve D'Monster, or other puppety oddball madness all of these years, and have gotten some level of enjoyment out of them, I thank you for sticking with me all this time and for your continued support. I hate to let you guys down, but in paraphrasing what I've already said, I can't continue to fight a battle that I know I'm losing - especially when the other side continue to up the ante to the point that it's out of my control.

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  1. I know I've commented on this on Youtube, but will you still post on your Scarblog? (ex. Unfinished Thoughts and such).