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Monday, November 9, 2015

My Unfinished Thoughts on Sex on TV (Part 2)

In fact, if you may recall when I wrote the post, I came down on a then-new NBC sitcom that was another example of glorifying reckless, mindless, and selfish sexual behavior involving a group of losers that wish they had better sex lives: UNDATEABLE; little did I know then that not only would this show turn out to be a hit, but now as I write this, the show is in its second season. Wow. People today really are obsessed with sex, aren't they (I ask, sarcastically)? I know some people are trying to turn your attention away from the sexual aspect of the show by saying, "Oh, no, this show isn't about sex, it's just about a group of buddies, that's all." Yeah. That's like saying, "Oh, no, THE BIG BANG THEORY isn't about sex, it's just about a group of nerds, that's all." Yeah. Funny how whenever I've tried to watch the show in the past, all I ever saw were said "nerds" in bed with random girls -- something that, when I was growing up, was one of the farthest things from nerds' minds. . . . THE BIG BANG THEORY (and Cons, too) have done a great job transforming nerds into sexual deviants.
Since my post last year, something new has also emerged from all of this: a thing called Amy Schumer. This lady (actually, that's being too polite, but whatever) showed up out of nowhere and literally became an A-list celebrity overnight . . . and what's her claim to fame? Why, of course! Sex! Seriously: this so-called comedian has literally built a career for herself for basically gracing the stage and going into a routine of talking about all the guys she's slept with. And she's popular and successful because of it. Even when she plays fictional characters, those fictional characters are just as reckless and irresponsible in their sex lives as she is in real life. And did I mention she's built a successful career out of this? What is wrong with people today? Have people no shame? Well, at least some people are finally starting to realize what a hack Lena Dunham is with her homemade porn, GIRLS, and she's losing some appeal with people too when she revealed that she routinely sexually assaulted her own little sister when they were growing up.
Finally, I also mentioned in my last post that I wonder why the FCC is allowing all of this content to grace the television landscape these days . . . in fact, I didn't just wonder why, I wanted answers. With that said, I actually contacted the FCC last summer, asking to know why, if it's supposedly their job to monitor content in entertainment, that they allow this filth. A few days later I received a response from them. You know what they said? They denied responsibility. No kidding. They told me plainly that they don't bother monitoring content on television and that what we see on television is the responsibility of the individual networks that air the content.
And of course, with so many producers turning to Netflix to put their new shows out there, and Netflix - being a product of the internet - allowing them to get away with what they want to, many producers are taking advantage of this and cranking up their sexual content even moreso because they can.

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