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Sunday, October 19, 2014

PUPPET POWER Now Available for Digital Download

Lately, YouTube has been reminding me how much of a pain they can be.
Sometime earlier in the year, PUPPET POWER received a third-party claim from Universal Music Group (UMG) over the use of KISS's "Shout it Out Loud," in the CASEY THE MUPPET segment. At first, they allowed me to work around this claim by merely removing the song itself, thus leaving the audio for the rest of the special untampered with (as a result, the CASEY segment sounded like trying to listen to the song with a pair of broken headphones), while I tried to look for various different outlets to host the special unedited, but they either wouldn't allow the half-hour, 1GB special due to time and/or filesize limits, or they would put commercials on it (and I still say the internet has no place for commercials).
As of now, YouTube has decided that they don't want to remove the copyright claim from PUPPET POWER, so they went ahead and muted the audio from the entire special. Can you believe that? Well, it being YouTube, yeah, you probably can. In fact, you can read my thoughts on YouTube's skewed copyright terms and policies here.
So, I decided to make PUPPET POWER the first-ever Scarbrough production a digital download; now, you can enjoy the entire special, from beginning to end, unedited, uncompressed, and uninterrupted! It's about 1GB in size, so make sure you have room on your computer for it!

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