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Friday, August 9, 2013

Complete Episode Guide of Steve D'Monster's YouTube Videos

Here is a comprehensive listing of all of Steve D'Monster's YouTube videos. The regular series included 63 entries, while Steve also appeared in an additional 19 other videos, specials, compilations, etc. Altogether, a total 84 video projects were produced by Joseph Scarbrough, featuring Steve D'Monster, and other characters.

Season 1 (2007)

The first season of Steve D’Monster YouTube videos were videotaped and uploaded at random moments. The entries for this season also featured the series’ original theme (“Fifth Avenue Stroll” composed by Larry Buksbaum & Scott P. Schreer) playing in the background throughout the entire videos, which was later dropped altogether by Season 2.
# Prod. # Title Performers Written By Length Release Date
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
December 26, 2007
Steve, acting like a big-shot celebrity brushing past paparazzi, announces his comeback, after having crawled into obscurity.
”Bunny Talk”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
January 2, 2008
Steve tries to strike up a conversation with a bunny rabbit, to no avail.

* This entry includes the first appearance of Tommie Bunny, who would also be seen occasionally up through Season 4.
”Classic Steve D’Monster Moment”
Joseph Scarbrough
January 13, 2008
From the personal archives of Joseph Scarbrough, a clip from a Friends of SESAME STREET pledge drive on East Tennessee PBS, featuring an appearance by Steve, original broadcasted in March 2005.
”Don’t Send in the Clowns”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
January 16, 2008
Steve comments on a study conducted in London, that suggests children between the ages of four and sixteen don’t like clowns.
”’Snow’ is a Four-Lettered Word”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
January 17, 2008
During a particularly cold spell, Steve talks about never seeing snow first hand, coming to the conclusion that snow is either a fairy tale, or a four-lettered word.
”Lip Sync”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
January 22, 2008
Steve lip syncs to DJ Otzi’s cover of the song “Hey, Baby!”, originally written by Margaret Cobb and Bruce Channel.
”You’ll Be Hearing from My Lawyers!”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
February 1, 2008
Steve is asked to appear in a PSA for dyslexia, but has trouble reading the cue cards, due to being dyslexic himself.

* Although it was established in this entry that Steve has dyslexia, all aspects of this were later dropped, and Steve’s reading skills (or lack thereof) vary depending on what the situation calls for.
”Steve D’Swindlin’ Monster”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
February 2, 2008
Steve hosts “The Steve D’Monster Virtual Flea Market”, and tries to offer up different items (from actual merchandise, to garbage) for sale.

* This is the first entry in which Joseph Scarbrough makes an on-screen cameo. To show his lack of respect for him, Steve casually refers to him as “Joe”, which resulted in the nickname being used in real life, against Scarbrough’s wishes. Because of this, in later entries, Steve refers to Scarbrough as his “boss” instead.
”Lip Sync… Again”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
February 6, 2008
Steve lip syncs to “I’ll Blow You a Kiss in the Wind”, performed by Elizabeth Montgomery as Serena from BEWITCHED, written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart.
”February 14”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
February 14, 2008
Steve gets a heart-shaped box of chocolates for his girlfriend, Mona Monster, for Valentine’s Day, but since the box contains assorted chocolates, he is concerned that certain pieces may not be tasty.

* The photograph of Mona is a digitally altered picture of Lola from PLAZA SESAMO. Mona also ended up being a one-shot character, later replaced by Bethany Crystal as Steve’s fulltime gal pal.

Season 2 (2008)

Season 2 originally kicked off with Steve commenting on the planned sequel to the 2007 live-action/CGI big screen adaptation of ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, which eventually introduced The Chipettes, and shared his thoughts on each individual character (Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor, respectively); even though the entry was written and shot, it was ultimate shelved for unknown reasons, and was never officially uploaded (it was, however, included in a video compilation called “Steve’s Lost Videos”, which contained videos that were not re-uploaded when Joseph Scarbrough launched his new, official YouTube channel in 2011, such as “Comeback” (1x01), “You Can Be Fat Hounds Tooth” (2x03), “SHOUT OUT!!!” (3x02), and the opening sequence from “I Never Make a Misteak” (4x07). This was also the first season that followed a specific schedule; new entries were uploaded on Thursdays throughout March and April of 2008.
# Prod. # Title Performers Written By Length Release Date
”Egg Head”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
March 20, 2008
Steve questions Tommie, who supposedly claims that she is the real Easter Bunny, about the whereabouts of his Easter eggs.
”Lip Sync Three”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
March 27, 2008
Joseph Scarbrough and Steve both lip sync to “Witch Doctor”, with Joseph mouthing David Seville’s lines, while Steve (dressed as Simon) mouthed for The Chipmunks.

* This is one of two cameos made by Joseph Scarbrough where he doesn’t wear his signature outfit.
”You Can Be Fat Hounds Tooth”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
April 10, 2008
Steve is bored, and decides to break the monotony by play-acting Austin Powers, casting himself as the titular character, and Joseph Scarbrough as Fat Bastard

* Because the running gag of this entry was curse short cuts, this entry was met with objection, and as a result, was pulled because of it’s content, and replaced with “Steve D’Swindlin’ Monster” (1x08) in later compilations.
* This is the second and last cameo Joseph Scarbrough makes without his signature outfit.
”Sun, Surf, and Steve”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
April 17, 2008
Steve believes to be on vacation at the beach, and proceeds to run toward the ocean in excitement, only for him to run into a poster of the beach.
”Classic Karla and Steve Moment”
Evelyn Clark
Cathy Wilson
Missey Wright
Joseph Scarbrough
April 24, 2008
Another clip from Joseph Scarbrough’s personal archives, in which during a pledge break for Friends of SESAME STREET, Toulouse (Evelyn Clark), Catwoman (Cathy Wilson), and Steve watch a video postcard from East Tennessee PBS’s resident puppet character Karla (Missey Wright), who is passing through Ireland, and has learned to River Dance. Originally broadcasted August 11, 2004.

Season 3 (2008)

A major component of the third season was a number of holiday-themed entries; while holidays had been done before, they were mostly the highlight of this season.
# Prod. # Title Performers Written By Length Release Date
”Steve D’Patriot”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
July 3, 2008
Steve belts out a rendition of Katharine Lee Bates’ “America the Beautiful”, and also announces his intentions of running for president one day by launching a campaign slogan: “Don’t be a donkey, vote for Steve!”.

* Steve would actually use that campaign slogan years later when he launched his presidential campaign in 2012 in "May the Best Monster Win" (7x05).
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
July 7, 2008
Upon receiving 10,000 views in such a short time, Steve gives a special shout out to his subscribers by doing the lamest rap you can imagine a purple monster doing.
”The Monster Mismatch”
Kaye Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
October 22, 2008
Steve gets carried away with his love for Halloween as the only day of the year where monsters are acceptable, as he goes trick-or-treating as himself.

* Joseph Scarbrough’s mother makes a cameo as a crabby neighbor lady whom Steve visits while trick-or-treating.
”Turkey Time”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
November 25, 2008
Steve goes out in search of a turkey for Thanksgiving.
”Do They Know it’s Christmas?”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
December 23, 2008
Steve lip syncs to the Band-Aid 20 classic, “Do They Know it’s Christmas?”, written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure.
”Holiday Message”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
December 24, 2008
Steve plucks “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” on the piano, while passing on the wishes to his viewers.
”Year in Review”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
January 1, 2009
In a MONSTROCITY NEWS segment, Steve offers commentary on major events and people from the year 2008. Included in his commentary are: The planned ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL; the deaths of Heath Ledger, Bo Diddley, George Carlin, Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac, Paul Newman, Don LaFontaine, and Earth Kitt; Sarah Palin; THE LOVE GURU; TV Land’s addition of [SCRUBS], 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN, and HOGAN’S HEROES; high gas prices; Hurricanes Gustav and Ike; SESAME STREET’S 39th season; the Olympics held in Bejing, Barack Obama’s election; the 2007 recession; the Muppet Christmas special LETTERS TO SANTA.

* This entry contained a disclaimer at the end, which reads, “The comments heard in the video were made solely for comedic purposes, and should not be taken very seriously at all. If taken seriously, rinse with water for fifteen minutes. If problem persists, contact your machine’s manufacturer.”

Season 4 (2009)

As a gimmick to get fans involved with new videos, the fourth season opened with a week of new videos entitled, DEAR STEVE, in which fans would write in, asking something of Steve, to which Steve would respond, and end up misinterpreting their requests altogether. This was the last season to be videotaped.
# Prod. # Title Performers Written By Length Release Date
”Dear Steve – antsamthompson9”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
May 16, 2009
YouTuber antsamthompson9 asks Steve to share his thoughts on the Muppet Christmas special, LETTERS TO SANTA; Steve revealed he already mailed out the Muppets’ letter to Santa, but shares a response letter from Santa, saying that he will receive a fish in his stocking.

* This entry was a parody of Muley the Mule’s 2008 Christmas video, SANTA FISH.
”Dear Steve - misscamflynn”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
Cam Flynn
May 17, 2009
YouTuber misscamflynn requests to see Steve brush his teeth; Steve brushes his teeth with a paint brush, and instead of using toothpaste, uses, “Fluoride-free, safe-to-swallow lead-based paint”.
”Dear Steve - MarshalGrover”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
May 18, 2009
YouTuber MarshalGrover asks Steve to lift a chair over his body, which he does by cutting off his hands, which reanimate themselves, to lift the it over his body.

* This entry is introduced by a plush of Grover from SESAME STREET.
”Dear Steve - therealRNO”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
May 19, 2009
YouTuber therealRNO asks Steve to take a picture of Tommie; Steve climbs into Tommie’s cage to remove a portrait of her from the back wall of her cage, much to her chagrin.
”Dear Steve - Colbynfriends”
Jordan Sibayan
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
Jordan Sibayan
May 20, 2009
Fellow YouTube puppets Colby Hussir and Dumb Dog ask to see Steve babysit Tommie; Steve’s attempts to actually sit on Tommie result in disaster.

* The closing of this entry contains a nod to the climax of the WW2 movie STALAG 17.
”Classic Karla and Steve Moment Again”
Mike Corliss
Thomspon Galetovic
Missey Wright
Joseph Scarbrough
June 3, 2009
Another clip from the Friends of SESAME STREET pledge drive for East Tennessee PBS, featuring teenagers Dim and Dimmer (Mike Corliss and Thompson Galetovic), Karla, and Steve expressing their love for PBS, and having some fun in the process. Originally broadcasted March 18, 2005.
”I Never Make a Misteak”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
June 10, 2009
Steve claims to be perfect, and never makes mistakes, but Joseph Scarbrough calls him out on it by rolling a blooper reel from previous entries of the series.
Season 5 (2011)

After a lengthily hiatus was brought on, due to various different reasons, the series unexpectedly returned for a fifth season, starting March 31, 2011. There were a number of noticeable changes made beginning with this season, including the series being shot digitally, instead of videotaped like previous seasons. Steve’s overall design had been overhauled as well, more resembling the character he is today. This was also the first season to utilize the classic Charley Douglass laugh track.

During the time of hiatus, new characters were created for The Joseph Scarbrough Universe, a majority of which are introduced this season.
# Prod. # Title Performers Written By Length Release Date
”Monster Medley”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
March 31, 2011
Steve sings a medley of different songs to the same tune, including, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, the alphabet song, “London Bridge is Falling Down”, “Skip to my Lou” and “Jimmy Cracked Corn”… all the while, the lyrical subtitles don’t match what he sings.
”April Fools!”
Kendra Dee
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
April 1, 2011
Steve and Bethany RickRoll their subscribers by lip syncing to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, while “Caramelldansen” proves to be annoying to Jennifer.

* This entry marks the YouTube debut of Bethany Crystal and Jennifer Squirrel.
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
April 5, 2011
In response to YouTube’s 2011 April Fools prank by allowing videos to be watched in the style of silent movies, Steve appears in a silent film of his own.
”Easter Message from Easter Egg”
Joseph Scarbrough
April 21, 2011
Easter Egg doesn’t get to a chance to wish everybody watching a Happy Easter.

* This entry marks the YouTube debut of Easter Egg.
”Anime Domine”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
May 24, 2011
Figuring that girls are obsessed with anime, Steve transforms himself into an anime representation of himself, figuring it will increase his popularity among his female fan base.

* This entry was a spoof of the Anime Muppet inserts that were recently introduced to SESAME STREET.
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
June 13, 2011
In addition to anime, Steve concludes that chicks also dig accents, which is why he’s been studying how to fake accents, with the help of the audio book, COLIN MOCHRIE’S GUIDE TO DIFFERENT ACCENTS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.
”Baffling Discovery”
Kendra Dee
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
June 24, 2011
Steve and Bethany stumble onto a clip from FAMILY FEUD on YouTube, entitled “Bethany Baffles Steve”, in which host Steve Harvey is baffled by a contestant named Bethany, whose claim to fame is being part of “The greatest musical duo – The Moon is a Disco Ball”.

Season 6 (2011)

The sixth season was the first to be uploaded on Joseph Scarbrough’s new, official YouTube channel – all previous seasons had been divided into five volumes of “greatest hits” compilations to make them available for viewing on the new channel. Beginning with this season, entries were becoming more plot-driven, featuring Steve in actual scenarios and situations without necessarily addressing the viewers about it. This season also introduced Easter Egg’s Tip of the Day inserts. The major highlight of this season was to be a six-part Christmas special entitled STEVE’S INEFFICIENT CHRISTMAS, in which Steve helped monitor Santa’s journey across the world on Christmas Eve via the Santa Radar Tracker System, operated at Santa’s Headquarters in the North Pole. A variety of different technical complications brought the production of the special to a screeching halt, and was never officially produced or shot.
# Prod. # Title Performers Written By Length Release Date
”Classic Karla and Steve Moment Three”
Cathy Wilson
Missey Wright
Joseph Scarbrough
August 9, 2011
Another clip of the Friends of SESAME STREET pledge drive on East Tennessee PBS, featuring Catwoman (Cathy Wilson), Karla, and Steve, showing their support for quality children’s programming on PBS. Originally broadcasted August 8, 2005.
”The Joker is Wild”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
September 26, 2011
While Steve naps on the couch, Jennifer decides pull the classic shaving cream prank on him, with an interesting outcome.
”Whatever Happened to Steve D’Monster?”
Kendra Dee
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
Kendra Dee
October 15, 2011
Feeling unwanted and underappreciated, Steve runs away from home, only to end up lost downtown.

* Easter Egg’s Tip of the Day: Home is Where Your Head Is
* This entry was a spoof of the SEINFELD episode “The Maid”, in which Kramer gets lost downtown, and in a moment of child-like despair, accepts a ride from a stranger.
”Steve’s Inefficient Christmas -- Part 1”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
Steve serves duty at Santa’s Headquarters at the North Pole, where he monitors the Santa Radar Tracker System, which keeps track of Santa’s location as he travels across the globe on Christmas Eve; but when Steve doesn’t understand how to read the radar, it sends him into a panic, worrying that Santa may get lost.
”Steve’s Inefficient Christmas -- Part 2”
Kendra Dee
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
Santa’s Head Elf In Charge of Stuff, Ella, gives Steve a better understanding of the Santa Radar, and even gives him a little bit of the history behind the different technology the elves have used over the years to help keep track of Santa’s worldwide journey.

* This entry originally marked the debut of Ella the Elf.
”Steve’s Inefficient Christmas -- Part 3”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
The Santa Radar lags, frustrating Steve to the point that he pounds on the dashboard of the tracker system, followed by the electricity cutting off, throwing the other elves into a tizzy.
”Steve’s Inefficient Christmas -- Part 4”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough

While the elves work to get their generator up and running again, Steve takes a moment to over his Christmas list… his Christmas list of people he’d like to get presents from.

* Easter Egg’s Tip of the Day: Tis Better to Give Than to Receive.
”Steve’s Inefficient Christmas -- Part 5”
Kendra Dee
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
With the power restored, Ella explains that the heavy snow and ice created too much pressure on the generator, causing it to fail, thus cutting off the power inside the headquarters. Steve then realizes how late it is back home, and decides he better return and get to sleep before Santa arrives.
”Steve’s Inefficient Christmas -- Part 6”
Kendra Dee
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
Steve and Bethany send holiday greetings to everyone by singing a duet of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.
”I Never Make Misteaks”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
February 9, 2012
An extended reel of Steve’s various bloopers and gags from previous entries.
”Anchormonster Has Meltdown Not on Live TV”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
February 11, 2012
In a MONSTOCITY NEWS update, Steve loses his cool when he realizes that production on “Steve’s Inefficient Christmas” has officially been canceled, due to overwhelming technical and artistic difficulties.
”The Choice”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
February 14, 2012
Steve has trouble trying to decide which of his two favorite local news anchorwomen he wants to ask to be his Valentine.

Season 7 (2012)

The seventh and final season of the series continued in the direction of the previous season, in making more entries plot-driven instead of Steve communicating one-on-one with the audience, which he still did occasionally. Production values also improved, as post-production editing could be achieved on a new, up-to-date computer, with improved editing software. This season also began to include music scoring, cues, and buttons (most of which composed by Trammell Starks), much like Season 1 used to feature. Similar to Season 3, the highlight of Season 7 was the 2012 Steve D’Monster Holiday Fest, a series of special holiday entries.
# Prod. # Title Performers Written By Length Release Date
”Scar Music Video – Gee, I’m Glad it’s Raining”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
March 16, 2012
In a music video, Steve performs “Gee, I’m Glad it’s Raining” from the movie ERNEST GOES TO CAMP, appropriately on a dreary, rainy night.
”A Day at the Gym”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
Steve visits a new gym that has just opened in town, and decides he could use a little workout to build up some muscle mass, though soon discovers a day at the gym is certainly no picnic.

* This entry required extensive on-location filming, however time was not of the essence, and as such, a vast majority of this entry was never filmed due to restraints, causing the entry to be shelved.
”Steve Vs. Internet Commercialism”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
June 6, 2012
Steve tries to make a special announcement, but is continually interrupted by various different commercials.

* This entry took a swipe at the growing trend of adding commercials and ads before videos on different sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, among others.
”The Long, Dull August”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
August 9, 2012
Steve remarks that there is nothing to look forward to in August, until he remembers his birthday is August 9, and wishes that his birthday could be a national holiday.
”May the Best Monster Win”
Unknown, Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
September 7, 2012
Steve announces his run for President of the United States, and brings in Easter Egg as his running mate.

* Shortly after this entry was released, SESAME STREET released videos, in which Elmo had become the first monster president in history.
”Down in the Basement”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
October 26, 2012
Steve runs out of peanut butter for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and must go down into the dark and scary basement to get another jar, unaware that something strange lurks down there.

* This entry was included in the 2012 Steve D’Monster Holiday Fest.
”Haven’t I Seen Me Somewhere Before?”
Joseph Scarbrough
Jordan Sibayan
October 31, 2012
Knowing his annual stunt of trick-or-treating as himself is beginning to annoy people, Steve puts together a new costume for Halloween, the scariest thing he can think of? His own boss.

* This entry was included in the 2012 Steve D’Monster Holiday Fest.
* The original upload of this entry was cut short to include a memorial dedication to Muppeteer Jerry Nelson. The extended version was first seen in the compilation special STEVE’S HOLIDAY HULLABALOO.
”Steve Ruins Thanksgiving”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
November 22, 2012
While Joseph Scarbrough prepares Thanksgiving dinner for family, Steve eats most of the pumpkin pie before preparations are even made.

* This entry was included in the 2012 Steve D’Monster Holiday Fest.
”The Not-Even-Pretty-Good Can Drive”
Joseph Scarbrough
Jordan Sibayan
November 16, 2012
After finding a flyer for a community can food drive taped to the front door, Steve decides to contribute some cans of food he isn’t going to eat to the community center.

* This entry was included in the 2012 Steve D’Monster Holiday Fest.
”O Christmas Tree”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
December 7, 2012
Steve heads into the woods to cut down his own Christmas tree.

* This entry was included in the 2012 Steve D’Monster Holiday Fest.
”Jingle Jangle All the Way”
Kendra Dee, Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
December 14, 2012
While cruising on a jet pack to check flight paths for Santa, Ella the Elf makes a crash landing outside Steve’s house, and needs to repair her pack so she can resume her journey.

* This entry was included in the 2012 Steve D’Monster Holiday Fest.
”Twas the Night”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
December 21, 2012
A parody of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” is done, as Steve tries to stay up all night Christmas Eve to meet Santa.

* This entry was included in the 2012 Steve D’Monster Holiday Fest.
* Although they already appeared previously in a filler video, this entry marks the first official YouTube appearance of Julie and Justine Squirrel.
* An alternate version of this entry, with no narration, was included in the compilation special, STEVE’S HOLIDAY HULLABALOO.
”2012: A Look Back”
Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
May 3, 2013
Steve returns to his MONSTOCITY NEWS news desk, and recounts various different highlights of 2012, including: Carly Rae Jepsen's hit, "Call Me Maybe"; the May Doomsday prediction; Elmo at the London Olympics; M*A*S*H's unreceived 40th anniversary; Hurricane Sandy; the 2012 Presidential Elections, including Mitt Romney's comments about Big Bird; and the December Doomsday prediction.

* Easter Egg’s Tip of the Day: A Grain of Salt is, Like, Really Tiny
”Memory Lane”
Kendra Dee (clip), Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
Kendra Dee (clip)
May 24, 2013
While looking through the closet, Steve comes across his old scrapbook, and reminisces on old times.

* This entry was a flashback episode. Clips from previous entries include:
”Whatever Happened to Steve D’Monster?” (6x03)
”Anime Domine” (5x05)
”The Joker is Wild” (6x02)
”’Snow’ is a Four-Lettered Word” (1x05).
”Survey Says”
Thomas Ferranti, Joseph Scarbrough
Joseph Scarbrough
March 22, 2013
While playing around on the computer, Steve unwittingly clicks on a spam link, which opens an automated survey that claims will measure his I.Q..

Specials, Compilations, Fillers, and Other Extras

In addition to his regular series of videos, other special installments featuring Steve have been uploaded over the years, mainly as bonuses for viewers and subscribers.
Title Length Release Date
”The Steve D’Monster Clip Show”
October 18, 2010
A clip show of various different entries from the first three seasons are set to “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches and Herb. Clips included are:
"Year in Review"
"Holiday Message"
"Do They Know it's Christmas?"
"February 14"
"Lip Sync"
"'Snow' is a Four-Lettered Word"
"Steve D'Patriot
"Sun, Surf, and Steve"
"The Monster Mismatch"
"Turkey Time"
"Holiday Message"
"Do They Know it's Christmas?"
"Turkey Time"
”Steve D’Monster Sings ‘Sea of Love’”
January 24, 2011
A recording of Steve covering the Phil Phillips oldie “Sea of Love”, with an illustration of Steve and Bethany on a moonlight boat ride.
”Steve D’Monster’s Greatest Hits! Volume 1”
June 23, 2011
All entries from Season 1, minus “Comeback” (1x01), “Classic Steve D’Monster Moment” (1x03), and “Steve D’Swindlin’ Monster” (1x08) presented in a compilation for Joseph Scarbrough’s new YouTube Channel.
”Steve D’Monster’s Greatest Hits! Volume 2”
June 23, 2011
All entries from Season 2, minus “You Can Be Fat Hounds Tooth” (2x03, replaced by “Steve D’Swindlin’ Monster”) and “Classic Karla and Steve Moment” (2x05) presented in a compilation for Joseph Scarbrough’s new YouTube Channel.
”Steve D’Monster’s Greatest Hits! Volume 3”
June 24, 2011
All entries from Season 3, minus “SHOUT OUT!!!” (3x02) presented in a compilation for Joseph Scarbrough’s new YouTube Channel.
”Steve D’Monster’s Greatest Hits! Volume 4”
June 24, 2011
All entries from Season 4, minus “Classic Karla and Steve Moment Again” (4x06) presented in a compilation for Joseph Scarbrough’s new YouTube Channel.
”Steve D’Monster’s Greatest Hits! Volume 5”
June 23, 2011
All entries from Season 5, minus “Easter Message from Easter Egg” (5x04) presented in a compilation for Joseph Scarbrough’s new YouTube Channel.
”Steve Supports PBS”
August 9, 2011
A few selections from Joseph Scarbrough’s personal archive of Steve’s appearances on the Friends of SESAME STREET pledge drives on East Tennessee PBS, from August 2004, March 2005, and August 2005.
”Christmas Filler”
December 29, 2011
Steve tries to make light of the different difficulties that had stalled production of “STEVE’S INEFFICIENT CHRISTMAS”, including a performance by Bugle-Billed Billy of “The Toy Trumpet” (in Mute-O-Vision), and judge rankings by The Squirrely Squirrels.

* This marked the first time Julie and Justine were seen on YouTube.
”Steve’s Lost Videos”
April 29, 2012
Compilation featuring “Comeback” (1x01), “Steve Talks Chipettes” (Shelved), “SHOUT OUT!!!” (3x02), and the opening sequence to “I Never Make a Misteak” (4x07).
”Vampire Girl Promo Video”
October 1, 2012
Scarbrough and Steve shamelessly plug Scarbrough’s webcomic miniseries VAMPIRE GIRL (2011-2012).
”Steve’s Holiday Hullabaloo”
December 25, 2012
A compilation holiday special, including new wraparound footage, and holiday-themed artwork are presented. Clips included in the compilation are:
”The Choice” (6x12)
”April Fools!” (5x02)
”Egg Head” (2x01)
”Easter Message from Easter Egg” (5x04)
”Steve D’Patriot” (3x01)
”The Long, Dull August (7x04)
”The Monster Mismatch” (3x03)
”Down in the Basement” (7x06)
”Haven’t I Seen Me Somewhere Before?” (7x07)
”Turkey Time” (3x04)
”Steve Ruins Thanksgiving” (7x08)
”The Not-Even-Pretty-Good Can Drive” (7x09)
”O Christmas Tree” (7x10)
”Holiday Message” (3x06)
”Jingle Jangle All the Way” (7x11)
”Twas the Night” (7x12)
”Dear Steve – antsamthompson9” (4x01)
”Do They Know it’s Christmas?” (3x05).
”Steve D’Monster on YouTube: The Complete Collection”
June 23, 2011
All 63 entries from the series presented in a full compilation.

* To conserve on time, all entries from the first two seasons, and a handful from the third are sped up.
"Puppet Power"
October 4, 2013
Steve hosts an internet showcase of various different puppet shorts, featuring other YouTube puppets, such as the likes of Casey the Muppet, the cast of SCRAPSTV, Zook and Max, and Harmony Hound.
"Canned Florida Sunshine Commercial"
January 23, 2014
Steve hawks Genuine Canned Florida Sunshine.

* An extended version with extra dialogue, and spliced with Joseph Scarbrough commentary, was also made.
"Steve D'Monster Funding Credits [FAKE]"
May 18, 2015
Fake funding credits for Steve's YouTube series.

* The following business were listed as false sponsors:
Sonic Drive-In
Jos. A. Bank
Auto Zone
Firehouse Subs
Advance Auto Parts
Hobby Lobby
Shoe Carnival
T.J. Maxx
Krispy Kream
Hardee's/Carl's Jr.
Goodyear Tires
Taco Bell
McDonald's again
Regions Bank
Red Lobster
Toys R Us
Big Lots
Best Buy
Waffle House
Super 8 Motel
The Home Depot
CiCi's Pizza
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches
Domino's Pizza
McDonald's again
"No More Boomsday - A Monstrocity News Exclusive"
July 28, 2015
A Monstrocity News Bulletin about the discontinuation of Knoxville holiday, Boomsday, is met with Steve having yet another live meltdown.
"Scar Music Video - Monster Eyes"
October 31, 2015
A Scar Music Video with Bethany lip-syncing to the Halloween song, "Monster Eyes," featuring Steve.
"Single Camera Sitcoms: Then & Now"
July 1, 2016
Steve parodies the change in single-camera sitcoms from yesteryears to today.

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