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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Request for Tina Fey

A lot of us, by now, are aware that Disney has green-lit a "sequel" to the 2011 theatrical comeback movie, The Muppets; the sequel, which is currently set for release this upcoming Thanksgiving (last I heard), is supposedly like a modern-day remake of the 1981 Muppet movie, The Great Muppet Caper. James Bobin of Flight of the Conchords has returned to direct the feature, co-writer Nick Stoller is involved with the new screenplay, and from what people have gathered, new Muppet Walter will be in this as well. But what about the live actors in the movie? Some people were surprised to hear that Jason Segel would not be involved with the sequel; he said that he accomplished what he wanted to do with the original - bring the Muppets back to people's attention, then let them be free to do their own thing. So, with Segel gone, and no word of Amy Adams returning either, who are the live actors going to be in the next installment? The first to be revealed was Ty Burrell, who is reported to be playing the villain of the movie; last month, to much mixed reaction, Ricky Gervais was announced to be the male lead of the movie; and as of now, Tina Fey has been reported to be portraying the film's femme fatale.

Normally, I don't use Scarblog as a means to post my own personal thoughts and opinions about certain things, but considering that now there is a connection to things to apply to myself, I think I'll go ahead and speak my mind about some thing that has been bothering me for a few years now: the fact that Tina Fey rarely, if ever, wears her glasses any more. I realize this may sound silly, but I actually do take issue with this; I, myself, have been wearing glasses practically all of my life - at least since I was five - and have actually had the good fortune of growing up, and still living, during a time when glasses are socially acceptable... when I was growing up, not once did I ever have to put up with any of that "Four Eyes" mumbo-jumbo, and you don't see or hear much of it today... you know why? Because spec's are cool! There have been plenty of celebrities over the years who have been known for their cool spec's as well - Buddy Holly, Drew Carey, Greg Proops - and that includes Tina Fey... or, at least it did... in the past, it wasn't hard to miss Tina: once you saw a slender and "adorkable" brown-haired funny girl with glasses, you knew who that was. But for the past few years, Tina has been constantly ditching her trademark spec's, and nobody really knows why (though, I HAVE heard rumors that she's trying to distance herself from the Sarah Palin stigma being stuck on her), but I have to say, I don't understand what the deal is... as I said, glasses are socially acceptable, spec's are cool, so if you ask me, this really sets glasses wearers decades back.

According to recent sources, Tina's character in the upcoming movie is a Russian gulag prison guard (who falls hard for Kermit); now, I don't know if that is the kind of character who would normally wear glasses (in all honesty, I'm trying so hard to picture Tina as such a character, but I really can't), so I could go either way with this... but, as for Tina Fey in general... well, I just have one very simple request for her:

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  1. I don't know if you knew this, but Drew Carey had LASIK corrective surgery years ago, and wears false frames only because they're so well associated with his image. I'm kind of surprised that, regardless of her vision, Tina Fey wouldn't do the same thing (though the Sarah Palin thing seems a possible point) for the same reason. But I think it's worth considering: Does she need her glasses for practical purposes? If she doesn't always need them to see well, I have no objections to her ditching them if she chooses to. Vision matters aside, my cons with glasses are that they can be uncomfortable, hard to wear with certain hats, the way they fog up when you enter a warm room from the cold outside, having to clean them, can't sleep with them on, sometimes fretting over misplacing them, and little nitpicks like that. Would you still wear glasses if you didn't need them?