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Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Step Forward, Two HUNDRED Steps Back

I can't even begin to really describe in words just how much frustration I'm wallowing under right now... it's like nothing I do, or even try to do, is working out... I guess that old saying really is true, "If you want to give God a good laugh, tell Him what your plans are," so I guess the Big Man Upstairs is howling with guffaws right now. Although I've never received anything personally, I'm sure a lot of you guys keep asking yourselves, "So, when are we ever going to see this new show with Steve and his buddies?" If you have been asking yourselves that, here is my answer to that question: I'M TRYIN', PEOPLE!!!

Okay, I apologize for that little, yet good-hearted outburst, though it's a really difficult process that doesn't seem to be improving or progressing no matter what I try to do, even though Steve D'Monster & Friends was only intended to be a simple local show, that was also going to be posted on YouTube for Steve's fanbase across the world to enjoy. There's two major factors behind my frustrations: one is a series of personal crisises that seemed to hit one after another as of late, the other is stumbling blocks that almost seem to prevent me from producing this show altogether. When you're faced with all kinds of hardships, mostly fiscal and financial (thank you Washington), continually, over the course of a few months, that really deals a blow to your drive, your motivation, and your ambition... I'm not talking about depression or anything, but when you are faced with so many stumbling blocks, you're deprived from what you're trying to do for such a while, that you lose the passion to do what it is you enjoy doing. But that aside, that's not so much the problem now as other things are; now granted, I do have a bit of experience of technology, video, and television under my belt: I took two years of Video Production in middle school, where I did three miniscule documentary-esque films, and co-produced a classmate's claymation film, not to mention most of you guys are aware that I spent some time with ETPtv (now East Tennessee PBS), where I found myself doing little odd, gofer jobs, including some camera work, and stage managing. True, I've never produced a television show before, but I don't feel it's necessary to have to send me back to school, so-to-speak, to achieve that... that's one problem right there. I remember when Sid & Marty Krofft were approached by NBC to do H.R. Pufnstuf back in 1969, Marty said in an interview that he had their personal assistant go to the bookstore, and buy a book on how to producer a television show, because they had never done it before, and didn't know what to do; so when they did Pufnstuf, they literally worked from a book. I'm actually willing to do that myself, in fact, I would even be willing to do it simply by someone showing me or telling me what to do, and I'll do it. Plain and simple. I like to learn on the job, and I like to learn by doing, that's the best way for me to learn; I'm a firm believer of a philosphy, and I believe my good friend Jordan Sibayan would back me up when I say that if you have a talent, that talent should be put to work, not sent back to school.

So again, like the Kroffts, I've been trying to read my way through producing this show, but here's another stumbling block: I guess writing and literature about television production has changed considerably since the late 60s/early 70s, because everything I'm reading is saying this exact same thing: basically, they're all saying, "Go back to school, then hire a production company to produce the show for you." Hire a production company to produce the show for me? I AM the production company. What do you think "Joseph Scarbrough Puppet Productions" is? What do you think has been cranking out Steve D'Monster material on YouTube for these past few years? In addition to being the production company, I AM the producer as well. You think I'm going to put in the credits of the show "Created and Produced by Random Someone Who Was Hired To Do This Instead Of The Guy Who Actually Created This Show"? That may be the way some people like to do it: have someone else do the work for them, well, that's not the way I want to do it... I'm sure this may seem unorthodox, and maybe "unprofessional", but the Kroffts, and even Jim Henson didn't start in this business the way everyone else did. They broke into this business, doing their own thing their own way, and if these people, who are my heroes and idols, can do it, why can't I? Why can't I get into this business, with my own work, and do it my own way, the way I want it to be done? Because let's face it, I feel if it's not done my way, it's not done right, and I am NOT handing my work over to someone else so they can do with it what they want to, and only "consult" with me on how it should be done. After all, Walt Disney himself said it: NEVER sell ANYTHING that you create, and I'm not selling out Steve, Bethany, The Squirrely Squirrels, or any of these guys, let alone just giving them away.

Needless to say, all of this has just been really frustrating, and I just don't know what I'm supposed to do next, or how I'm supposed to do it, but my heroes always said to never give up; Marty Krofft has a saying that, "If you give up on Tuesday, there is no Wednesday", and I actually have been given this feeling, that if Jim Henson were here today, and saw the level I've sunk to, he would be disappointed in me. So here is my goal: I promise you people, I am going to do whatever I can, and whatever it takes to try and FINALLY get Steve D'Monster & Friends in production, and ready for everyone to see before 2011 is over, and that perhaps by the fall of 2012, you may also finally get to see the first Scarbrough all-puppet sitcom on network television asl well. At least, I hope so.


  1. For what it's worth - I believe in you and as our good friends the Muppets said "if just one person believes in you" - I am glad you are not giving up on your dream Snowthy.

  2. Hey, I have as much faith in you as I do myself, in regards to our career choices. Glad you're not giving up. You can do it!!