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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Pardon me, dear readers, fans, followers, and Steve's fangirls, but I'm about to post something more personal here that has absolutely nothing to do with Steve, or the new show, or puppets in general; rather, this is something I'm posting that I want everyone reading to help spread.


Read this story:

Here, we have who would've been a future Miss America (or Miss USA, or Miss Whoever) contestant, a lovely young lady, who's been dropped from the try outs... why? Because the officials told her she's "too fat". But wait, it gets better... you know what this girl's dress size is? 2. She's a size 2, and she's been labeled "too fat". This really brings a whole new meaning to whenever people speak sarcastically of how we're forced to idolize "size 0" women... any thinner, and this poor girl probably WOULD be "size 0".

This has gone on far too long, and it causes a lot more damage - mentally, emotionally, and psychologically - than people may realize. THIS is why there are so many people out there who are depressed, and are literally killing themselves over the matter: our modern society, especially when looking to the media for "guidence", keeps bringing the "numbers" lower and lower... even people with average body types are now being labeled as "too fat", and for overweight people who are too far gone at this point, are now even more anxiety-ridden because at this rate, it would be futile to maintain a normal body weight, because they'll still be "too fat". People are literally starving themselves to death in order to drop down to practically nothing to be accepted by society... and if they haven't killed themselves by starvation, then they've probably done so by suicide brought on by the torment they've gone through of people continually harassing, ridiculing, and humiliating them.

Another problem is the pressure, too: when you pressure someone into doing something, that's NOT going to make them want to do it any more than they already don't want to; like my father who had been pressured into quitting smoking, that made him want to turn to cigarettes even more, when you constantly harp people to lose weight, that's not going to help them lose it any faster. Commercials and ads are the most to blame in this, we've seen them all, right? "Hey! You! Your muffin top's showing!", tempony drums pounding while an announcer says "Does belly fat make you look like THIS?!", billboards with a man's chest with a censor bar over it and caption reading "Dude looks like a lady". Then you've got anti-fastfood commercials, for both men and women, the women's version say "Cheeseburger combo meals come with bloated feeling, regret, remorse, loss of self-esteem, loss of boyfriend, loss of confidence...", while the men's version say "Cheeseburger combo meals come with giant elastic-waist-band pants, seatbelt extenders, costly gym membersships, bigger waist, bigger clothes, extra-strength deodorant, and a therapist to deal with it all". See? They're trying to make it like a satire, when it isn't funny.

And look at what's been in the news recently, like people being kicked off planes for being too fat, like director Kevin Smith, who isn't even THAT fat to begin with! The term "curvey" has been taken out of context as well, going from being used to describe a woman with a nice figure, to a "polite" way of saying a woman is fat... but, it's so ridiculous that it's become true, because these poor girls are becoming skinnier and skinnier, they have no natural curves anymore. Go to a department store for clothing, and they charge you extra for plus sizes.

Weight discrimination, like any other, whether it's race discrimination, religious discrimination, even gender discrimination, is something that's been going on far too long, and it has to be stopped. Society has to learn that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go 'round. Please don't read this post, and then do nothing, help spread the word, and let's put a stop to this once and for all.

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  1. I agree. I'm trying to put together a community
    of acceptance mongerers. All I want is for us to be able to live in peace. My blog and website are geared mostly for plus sized girls and women because that's my expertise but I do think it's important that we all stick together.
    Hugs all around: your sister in the trenches.