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Joseph Scarbrough launched what he called "The Scarblog" as a way of cataloging his work over the years, as well as going into greater detail of things on his mind (known as "Unfinished Thoughts").

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wicked 2010-11 Snow, and Scarbrough Artwork

Man, Mother Nature has just be very giving and generous to us this winter, hasn't she? We've gotten a LOT of absolutely fantastic snow this winter, haven't we? I see even Steve and Bethany have been enjoying the weather as well...

This is something else you can expect to receive from this new site/blog: random artwork; speaking of which, I've been trying to keep artwork of Steve and his cohorts separate from my deviantART account, so it seems only logically that that artwork be featured here for others to see. Here's a few little things I've whipped up in the past...

But what's really been nice is the amount of fan art Steve and the gang have received in the past as well; take a look at some of the artwork fans have done over the years...

"Down" by Tal
"Steve D'Monster Vs. Fenwick" by Shane
"Steve D'Monster" by Shane
"The Great Not Muppet Caper" by Jordan
"The REAL Prima Donna..." by Angela
"I want a Monster 2 b my Friend" by Angela
"For Joseph" by Jordan

So thanks for the fan art everybody, hope to see some more in the future!

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