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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I May Have to Make a New Site

Greetings loyal fans, follows, and those who love friendly monsters, trouble-making squirrels, and other puppety oddballs!

Well... are you ready for another one of my typical rants against un-necessary change and whatnot? Well get ready, because I'm spoutin' off now! MySpace has been very convenient to have a site for those interested in following the Joseph Scarbrough Universe, and get updates regarding projects, news, and such - I have a profile for information, albums for photos, uploads for videos, and most importantly a blog for news and updates... all and all, wouldn't you say MySpace has been convenient for keeping fans of Steve and Bethany and the gang informed and up-to-date? I thought so as well, which is why I had the URL changed last year so you could find us at myspace.com/j-scarbrough... but this just isn't working out.

I know MySpace (or now My____ or whatever) has been hurting lately because of Facebook, but MySpace was always superior to Facebook... they were always essentially the exact same thing, but MySpace was always faster, more user-friendly, and highly customizable in so many ways... and now look what's happened... MySpace has not gotten slow, hard-to-navigate, hard to find apps and settings, and the new profiles are just awful (YouTube, anyone?)

So saying, as much as I really don't want to have to, I think I'll just have to whip up another new website altogether just for updates and whatnot regarding what's going on in this wacky universe of puppety madness, even though often times, these sites I create often end up "collecting dust" as it were (remember KGZ, anybody?) But then again, I've been pressured into starting up an "actual website" for my work anyway, as opposed to using MySpace by means to do so. I'm uncertain as to what I will be doing with a new site at the moment, so I guess I'll just have to keep you guys posted on that... if I can even work my way through MySpace at the moment... it took me half an hour last night just to pass out this year's Thanksgiving card to like nine people, with crashes included, so for those who I wasn't able to pass out the card to, here it is...

For future reference, if these problems with MySpace persist, I may have to limit the holiday cards exclusively to YIM contacts from now on... so don't blame me... I've often said newer isn't always better, and the new MySpace isn't better.

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