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Friday, April 9, 2010

"Steve D'Monster & Friends" WILL Be on YouTube

Okay, so here's a somewhat lengthly explanation on what's going on as far as YouTube and Steve are concerned...

You guys remember my being involved with last summer's protest over the forced Beta Channel switch, which officially took place this past October, and when it did, I officially left YouTube, because I no longer wished to show support to those who bite the hands who feed them (which they've done yet again with their overhauled video pages).

So why is Steve D'Monster & Friends coming to YouTube? Well, unfortunately, I've returned to YouTube UNDER PROTEST... what with our internet age and generation, it's felt that my having left YouTube was a "shot in the foot", especially since Steve developed a bit of a following on YouTube, so again, although under protest, I have returned to YouTube, and as such, when the show goes into production, and has been broadcasted, I will be posting the segments from the show in installments on YouTube. That will work out fine, considering YouTube limits regular users who refuse to fork over money to them to ten minutes a video, and the show will be consisting of two 9 minute segments and one 2 minute segment, each half hour episode.

So in case you can't remember, here's my YouTube addy - http://www.youtube.com/JosephScarbrough

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