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Monday, December 21, 2009

Possible New Television Show

Yep, a serious new television endeavor by yours truly.

Once the holidays are behind us, and the new puppets are fully finished, I will seriously be considering producing a new television show featuring these characters, with the possible title of Steve D'Monster and Friends (not completely accurate, but "Steve D'Monster and Friend and Nemesises" was a bit wordy).

This show, however, would only be public access, so basically, that means probably none of you guys will ever see it, unless you just happen to be in Knoxville at the time and feel like watching community television for some reason, lol; but hey, this would be a start. This doesn't mean that I'm abandoning any of my other ideas for puppet sitcoms, but they are being put on hold for the time being.

Basically, this show would showcase the oddball antics of Steve, Bethany and The Squirrely Squirrels, and I'm thinking about also doing a stage version, as we have some local small theaters here in town, but I believe since I'm working my way into television, that it would be more beneficial if I was to make this a television show.

More details to come.

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