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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Characters - Bethany Crystal and The Squirrely Squirrels

That's right, "fans", Steve isn't the only one who's going to be getting attention, as it's time to make way for new characters coming to the Universe...

The basic idea was this - Steve needed a character he could play off of, someone more on his own level, as much as he likes to think he can, he can't carry things on by himself, and I can't go on inserting myself into things, as if I'm like a surrogate father-figure to him; seeing how Steve's fanbase is largely female (I kid you not - most people who come forth to me about him are girls, meanwhile, my old YouTube statistics showed that the demographics of my audience was 60% female), and because being a bit of a ladies' monster became a characteristic/quirk of his over time, I figured the best character to give him is a girl monster... enter Bethany Crystal...

Bethany's the kind of girl who's willing to lend a helping hand, even if someone doesn't want or need any help; being Steve's best friend, she's willing to put up with his antics... to a degree, but isn't about to let him go overboard or get out-of-line with something he does or says... as a matter of fact, Bethany's just about the only person on earth who can keep Steve in line, even though he likes to think he has the upper hand... let's face it, Bethany's a lot brighter than Steve is. Like Steve, Bethany can also be adventurous, and is willing to try anything once, but unlike Steve, if she senses something is dangerous, she'd rather play it safe.

When I got to thinking about things, I suddenly thought that giving Steve and Bethany a comic foil (or in this case, foils) would be a good idea; there's a LOT of playful squirrels in this town, there's been days where I'd stand out on the balcony of my old apartment and watch them chase each other through the trees, hop from one treetop to another, or try to flatten themselves up against a branch as if I can't see them... I'm sure all of that is what served as inspiration of The Squirrely Squirrels...

This trio of squirrels are the biggest trouble-makers you've seen since that last time you saw a big trouble-maker... whenever that was. Jennifer (oldest, left) is essentially the ring-leader, and does a pretty good job of getting her sisters worked up for some kind of scheme, whether it's hustling pigeons in the park for popcorn, or trying to ruin Steve and Bethany's day; Julie (middle, in more ways than one) mainly acts on impulses, and is quite an eager beaver, in that she'll often times start carrying out Jennifer's schemes before she even has a chance to finish explaining the details; Justine (youngest, right) is more observational than her sisters, and would prefer to simply stand back and watch the action unfold, unless she comes up with a scheme of her own.

For the record, while I'm completely happy with Bethany's design, and how the puppet itself is turning out, I'm NOT 100% happy with how The Squirrely Squirrels turned out, as I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted them to look, and as such, simply drew the first designs that came to me, so I wouldn't expect them to look like this forever, as they'll more than likely evolve over the years... after all, we all know Oscar the Grouch was originally orange instead of green.

As for the puppets themselves, they're still in the process of being built, it's slow going, but I am working on it, and will include photos of them once they're completed - as of right now, Jennifer is 90% finished (still needs clothes and tail), and the base work of Bethany is completed (I have to order the fur), I believe at this rate, all the puppets will be completed by the beginning of December. Again, I'll include photos when they're completed, but for right now, here are the rough model sheets for them.

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