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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Changes Coming to the Universe Soon... Hopefully

Sometimes I feel like all talk and no do, but I do assure everyone that I'm serious about being both talk and do in the months to come as far as the Joseph Scarbrough Universe in concerned.
Although I'm sorry to disappoint Steve D'Monster fans, as these plans don't really concern him too much, I do hope that fans and friends alike will be stay with me as things start to expand.

For right now, I'm eyeballing a little space that's available for lease in the community that I'd like to serve as my new headquarters; as I'm really just now starting to branch out, I really don't need a whole lot of space, just somewhere for an office and a puppet workshop and that's basically it. You guys familiar with a store called Smart Toys and Books? That had the really annoying little jingle in their commercials? "Smart Toys and Books / Where learning is fun / There's all kinds of games for everyone / Pirates! And puzzles! And dinosaurs! / Smart Toys and Books in my favorite store!..."? Well anyshoe, this space used to be a Smart Toys and Books, so if you can imagine, it's not too big, but not too small either. It might not fall through, but like I said, I simply have my eyes on it for HQ for right now, I'm sure years later I'll work my way closer to downtown Knoxville, but I won't worry about that until later.

But anyway, with a workshop up and running, that'll mean more characters will be on the way, which in turn will mean that casts will have been set for new shows; right now my fear is that no network will be sold to the idea of family-oriented all-puppet sitcoms since pretty much all of televison these days is nothing but unstructured writing with watered-down sex jokes and plots that go nowhere with actors with big names but can't really act to begin with... although it DOES seem logical, I'd hate for any of my shows to end up on FOX, because then no one will want to watch them anyway... we all know FOX's "reputation of bad shows". But like Marty Krofft says - "if you give up on Tuesday, there is no Wednesday", and I don't plan on giving up, because whether network execs are aware of it or not, I KNOW that countless people out there are ready for a change in television, and I'd like to be one of the people who can bring them the change they want.

So, that's what's going on with me right now, I do still plan to look for a new DVD recorder so I can get the master video tape footage of the new Steve videos transfered and posted on YouTube as quickly as I possibly can, but as I said, other than that he's just not going to really be in the scene for a while at least... maybe I can do like Disney does with "Hidden Mickey's" in their movies, and have a "Hidden Steve" somewhere in everything I produce, lol.

BTW, when is MySpace ever going to fix the "Tell us what you're reading, viewing, or listening to" option in our blogs?

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